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Tetra TetraMin Crisps

Tetra TetraMin Crisps

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Tetra TetraMin Crisps provide superior, highly digestible nutrition for your fish. These colorful crisps include high levels of carotene to stimulate richer color, high protein krill for muscle growth, and algae meal for easy-to-digest protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

TetraMin Crisps produce up to 35% less waste when used as directed for clearer water and healthier fish. Uniform crisps size promote consistency in feeding. Tetra formulas feature micro milled, exotic, high-protein fish meal as a core ingredient making them pure and digestible with fewer colorants.

This leads to less waste and a cleaner, clearer aquarium. The crisps float for a long time and finally sink slowly, making them ideal for a mixed fish stock. Prebiotics contained in the feed support the body functions and feed conversion of the fish. This supports healthy fish growth, vitality and colour, and maintains clear water in the aquarium.

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