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Tetra Fresh Delica Gel Food

Tetra Fresh Delica Gel Food

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Tetra Fresh Delica gel food is the perfect snack for in between meals as it ensures a lot of interaction and feeding fun with the fishes.

Each box contains 16 x 3g tubes.

As well as being a healthy natural food for all ornamental fish, this nutrient-rich gel also encourages a whole new type of interaction with the fish.

The gel can be easily and accurately dispensed thanks to the handy tubes and the appearance in the water imitates natural circumstances.

The natural varieties consisting of four different types of aquatics animals (Bloodworms, Brine Shrimps, Daphnia, and Krill) are readily accepted and eagerly eaten by the fish.

The 3g tube is ideal for aquarists who want to give their fish a little treat every now and again.

The sterile, germ-free packaging also ensures that the food remains fresh for a long time.

Tetra Fresh Delica can be kept for three years without refrigeration and makes an ideal dietary supplement.
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