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Superfish Pond Skim

Superfish Pond Skim

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Super Fish Pump Sizes
The Superfish Pond Skim is a floating pond skimmer with integrated pump, suitable for ponds with surfaces up to 25m² (2000) and 40m² (3000). The Pond Skimmer floats in the pond and effectively draws in floating debris such as leaves, dust and algae from the waters surface into the waste basket which can then easily be removed.

The removal of this debris not only makes the ponds surface more attractive but has a huge positive impact on the pond and its eco system. By removing the floating waste it is prevented from polluting the pond when it sinks to the pond base which results in a clearer and healthier pond.

  • Floating pond skimmer suitable for ponds up to 25m² (2000) & 40m² (3000)
  • Easy to clean via easy to remove waste basket
  • Low power consumption - Only 25 Watts (2000) / 45 Watts (3000)
  • Integrated 2000 LPH pump (2000) / 3000 LPH pump (3000)
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