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Seachem Brackish Salt

Seachem Brackish Salt

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Seachems Brackish Salt is a chemically sound blend of salts designed to replicate the native environment of live bearers and other brackish estuary fish without adversely impacting aquatic plants when used at regionally specific recommended dosage. This salt is also well suited for routine aquarium freshwater use. It does not impact pH or provide buffering.

Unlike other aquarium salts currently available to the hobbyist, Seachem Brackish Salt is more than just a simple sodium chloride product. These other salts can burn leaves and roots in a planted aquarium. However, Seachem Brackish Salt does not cause this type of damage, and actually provides many nutrients crucial to healthy plant growth.

Dosing of Seachem Brackish Salt allows for specific duplication of different brackish water environments found worldwide (such as the waters of Sumatra or the waters of Borneo). Seachem Brackish Salt can also be dosed for general brackish water community aquariums and general freshwater community aquarium.

Seachem Brackish Salt is a safe and effective alternative to the sodium chloride based aquarium salts so prevalent

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