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Prymax Pond Sealer

Prymax Pond Sealer

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Prymax Pond Sealer is a specially formulated one pack polyurethane sealer designed to dustproof and protect concrete floors, walls and soffits against the ingress of dirt, oil, grease and a wide range of chemicals. Also suitable for application to cork, metal and timber substrates.

Advantages of using this product is one pack is ready for immediate use. Dusting eliminated together with associated health hazards. This is hard wearing, durable and long lasting. Non-absorbent with is easily cleaned and reduces maintenance costs. The item is unaffected by water, oils and most commonly used chemicals that are used within the garden. Prymax is quick and easy to apply by a semi-skilled labour.

Technical information:

Coverage (Clear): 10m² /litre per coat (Depending on substrate)

Coverage (Pigmented): 8m ² /litre per coat (Depending on substrate)

Drying Time: Average 4 hours at 18°C – 70% relative humidity

Light Traffic: Acceptable 12 hours

Full cure & chemical resistance: 6 – 7 days

Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened sealed container

Flash Point: 27°C

Viscosity: 250 – 500 cps

Specific Gravity: 0.95

Please note: Prymax Pond/Damp sealer is designed to be used as a two coat system.


Prymax pond/damp sealer is not recommended for composition tiles, Bitumen, rubber, vinyl and other plastic flooring. Prymax pond/damp sealer is not recommended for external applications.

Surface Preparation:

Ensure the surface is dry and free from laitance. New concrete should be at least 28 days old before coating. Oils and grease should be removed using dissolve. Damaged and worn areas should be repaired using Epicon F.S. Mortar. It is strongly recommended that on old or suspect floors a test patch be applied and evaluated. On highly polished/power floated floors, mechanical preparation or acid etching will be necessary.

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