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Aqua One

Aqua One Phos Pad

Aqua One Phos Pad

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The Aqua One Phos Pad is a tightly woven chemical filter pad which absorbs Phosphate (PO4) from aquarium water. High Phosphate levels within an aquarium are one of the major food sources for algae. Phosphate builds up over time as a result of too much or poor quality fish food, lack of regular water changes, and decaying plant or animal matter.

Aqua One Phos Pads do not substitute for good aquarium keeping practices. They should be used as a preventative or treatment, not a cure for prolonged Phosphate concentrations in an aquarium.

Suitable for fresh and saltwater use.

Suitable for most types of filter.


24.4cm (W) x 45.7cm (H)


1) Lay the old filter pad on top of the Phos Pad.
2) Cut the Phos Pad slightly larger, as the old one may have become distorted.
3) Ensure the Phos Pad fits the filter - Trim it if needed.
4) Rinse with water to remove any dust, and place it in the filter.

It is essential that you replace the Phos Pad after 6 - 8 weeks.

The microscopic pores in the Phos Pad fill up during the normal filtering process, rendering the Phos Pad less effective.

Active Ingredients:

Ferric Oxide, Barium, Aluminium Oxide, Magnesium, Zinc.

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