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Oase PondoVac

Oase PondoVac

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PondoVac Classic

With its powerful 1400 W motor, the PondoVac Classic provides effective sludge removal. This classic wet and dry vacuum for ponds and the home impresses with its constant performance and fully automatic activation and emptying, thanks to intelligent motor electronics. Its compact design with a 27 l tank and powerful suction at depths of up to 1.5 m makes it a useful aid for cleaning ponds and pools. Alternatively, it can be used as a wet vacuum cleaner for the home, with around 3000 l suction capacity per hour.

PondoVac 4

The PondoVac 4 can vacuum up to 5000 l per hour without interruption. It can be used continuously and powerfully in garden ponds, pools and swimming ponds, and as a wet vacuum in the home. This is made possible by the patented dual-chamber system, which allows the vacuum to be used whilst the container is being emptied. A transparent pipe allows convenient flow control; the carrying handle, transport rollers and suction pipe holder also allow easy handling. A wide range of attachments, from surface nozzle to brush nozzle, are available for suction depths of up to 2.4 m. Suction capacity can be adjusted via a manual control unit and clogged nozzles can be back flushed.

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