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NT Labs Ammonia Remover

NT Labs Ammonia Remover

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Pond Booster from NT Labs is designed for routine, long term, good water quality management  to help control the build up of waste, improve clarity, prevent blanket weed and generally stimulate the vitality of your pond and its inhabitants.

NT Labs Pond Booster is a powerful, natural zeolite based treatment which has the ability to remove high amounts of ammonia and phosphate whilst also preventing the formation of nitrate. Ammonia removal is important for fish health whilst the reduction of phosphate and nitrate in the pond has the knock on effect of reducing algae growth.

Pond Booster Ammonia Remover also provides extra surface area for filter bacteria to colonise improving the overall pond water quality.

Instructions for use: 150ml treats 1000 litres (220 gallons)
Sprinkle Pond Booster granules over the surface of the pond or add to the filter in a fine net bag ad add every 8 weeks during the summer months.

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