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NT Labs Aquarium Starter Kit

NT Labs Aquarium Starter Kit

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NT Labs Aquarium Starter Kit contains the two products needed to get your aquarium up and running and safe for fish - Tap Water Safe, and Filter Starter.

How to use:

Once all of the aquarium gravel, decorations and hardware have been washed and placed in the aquarium, fill your aquarium with tap water.

Add 5ml per 25 litres of Tap Water Safe to the aquarium.

Switch on the lights, filter (and if starting a tropical aquarium, a heater set to 22c - 25c).

Once the water is at the right temperature, your aquarium is ready for a few fish. Ask your retailer about the best fish to add to your new aquarium.

The day you add fish to your aquarium, add 5ml of Filter Starter to every 25 litres of aquarium water. Repeat dose after each water change. When adding fish follow the instructions provided by your fish retailer.

Do not overfeed your new fish. For the first month, only feed once every other day until the filter matures (2-3 granules of food per fish is plenty). Monitor the quality of the water twice weekly throughout this time, especially for ammonia and nitrite and conduct 25% water changes weekly for 4 weeks remembering to use a Tap Water Safe if using tap water.

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