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Aqua One

Aqua One Micro Pad

Aqua One Micro Pad

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The Aqua One Micro Pad is tightly woven mechanical filter pad designed for removing both fine and coarse free floating particles from your aquarium. This prevents the biological media from becoming clogged, decreasing the risk of stress and disease on the fish. It also ensures crystal clear water.

  • Suitable for fresh or saltwater use
  • Removes free floating waste and debris from the water
  • Prevents pollutants from breaking down into toxins


24.4cm (W) x 45.7cm (H)

Directions for use:

1) Lay the old filter pad on top of the Micro Pad.
2) Cut the Micro Pad slightly larger, as the old one may have become distorted.
3) Ensure the Micro Pad fits the filter - Trim it if needed.
4) Rinse with water to remove any dust, and place it in the filter.

The Aqua One Micro Pad should be rinsed regularly to prevent clogging.
Replace when there are signs of deterioration.

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