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Betta Floating Magnetic Aquarium Brush

Betta Floating Magnetic Aquarium Brush

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Keep your aquarium glass spotless with the Betta Floating Magnetic Aquarium Brush.
Specially designed for glass fish tanks, these brushes contain powerful magnets that make cleaning the algae and debris easy.

  • Powerful magnets with a strong magnetic force
  • Floating magnets
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for glass aquariums - Do not use on acrylic


Place the felt sided magnet on the outside of the aquarium. Place the opposing magnet on the inside of the aquarium. Join the two magnets together in a sliding motion. Moving the outside magnet will also move the internal magnet to help remove algae from the inside of the aquarium. The magnetic brush can be left attached to the aquarium sides. Please note that the manufacturer accepts no liability for any damages to your aquarium due to improper use of this product.


Small - Up to 8mm glass thickness
Medium - Up to 10mm glass thickness
Large - Up to 12mm glass thickness

Safety Instructions

The magnets will snap together so avoid placing your fingers where they could get trapped. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use the magnets above the water line or on any dry surfaces.

Remove all debris from the magnets prior to use.

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