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Kusuri Eco Pure

Kusuri Eco Pure

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Kusuri Eco Pure added weekly will reduce blanket weed and string algae by dramatically reducing Nitrate and Phosphate. Kusuri Eco Pure coats the blanket weed starving it of nutrients. In some ponds Eco Pure can work as quickly as 2 weeks, most ponds can take 4-8 weeks. Best used in early season to suppress major blanket weed growth. Kusuri Eco Pure can be used at any temperature over 10°C.

Dosage Instructions

Maintenance dose: Use cup supplied, add two level cups per 4,546 litres (1000 gallons) of pond water. Add dose to a clean watering can and mix with pond water. Apply this solution around the edges of the pond, once a week.

Reduction Dose: On heavy growth areas add the dry powder directly to the Blanketweed/string algae growth around outer edges of the pond. Use up to 8 level cups per 4,546 litres (1000 gallons). Kusuri Eco Pure is most efficient at temperatures over 15°C/60°F.

3kg of Eco Pure is enough for approximately 9 weekly treatments of 22,730 litres (5,000 gallons). 

All sizes of Kusuri Eco Pure include a handy dose cup. One level dose cup holds 27.5g of Kusuri Eco Pure. 

Product Storage

Store Kusuri Eco Pure in original container, ensure the container is sealed after each use. Store in a cool frost free environment. Use within 12 months of opening.

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