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Fang Carnivore Gel Food

Fang Carnivore Gel Food

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Fang products come as a concentrate that gel when you add boiling water. These foods are an advanced feeding system for fish, feeder insects, and reptiles that are scientifically formulated and biologically appropriate.

Fang gel foods contain absolutely no fillers, offering only the best quality ingredients.

- Fang gel technology emulates the smell and texture of foods that your animal would find in the wild.

- With superior ingredients and NO FILLERS, Fang gels are easy to digest.

- No fillers, premium sustainable protein, nutrient dense, and vitamin packed

- Follow Fang’s mixing instructions and within minutes your animals will have a premium nutritious gel.

- You can prepare as much or as little Fang as you like. Fang can also be placed into molds for a more interactive feeding experience.

- A little Fang goes a long way! Just three ounces of Fang concentrate will create almost one pound of food and store in your fridge for up to two weeks.

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