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Evolution Aqua

Evolution Aqua evoFeed Automatic Pond Feeder

Evolution Aqua evoFeed Automatic Pond Feeder

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The Evolution Aqua evoFeed Automatic Pond Feeder is an automatic fish feeder suitable for medium and large ponds. The unit can be programmed to dispense food into the pond at timed intervals throughout the day.

The distance the food is propelled, and the
amount of time it is dispensed for, are also adjustable. The food is propelled at a 120-degree angle.

Weatherproof, evoFeed Automatic can be mounted pond side, and is powered
via its own built-in, rechargeable battery. Simply use the plug-in adaptor to charge the battery when needed.

evoFeed Automatic is ideal for Koi ponds where large quantities of pellets are
fed frequently, throughout the day. It is also ideal for holiday feeding.

The feeder has a large touch button control panel with LCD screen that allows you to program when you want food to be dispensed, up to 6 times per day. It is also possible to perform a manul feed - just press and hold the RUN button.

The screen also has a hinged, clear, protective panel that prevents unintended interference with the touch buttons.

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