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Black Knight Wizard Fibre

Black Knight Wizard Fibre

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Wizard Fibre is a very fine glass fibre designed specifically for cement reinforcement. It has been in use for decades in specialised architectural and construction projects where very high performance is required to withstand sustained stresses or harsh conditions and where long service is important.

Why Use Wizard Fibre?

- Wizard Fibre allows a much stronger mix, leading to a smoother crack-resistant finish that is safer for the fish
- It increases workability, making the cement easier to apply
- Far stronger, more durable, and easier to use than polypropylene alternatives
- Dramatically reduces the likelihood of leaks developing
- High zirconia content offers superb alkali resistance
- A 1Kg pack of Wizard Fibre can cover 8 - 18sqm at 5mm thick

The addition of fibre to the mix will improve workability up to about 90g per litre of cement and will decrease above this figure. Maximum crack resistance and strength is achieved at about this level. We suggest you experiment on a test area before you begin the job.

Allow extra time in the mixer for fibre dispersal. We suggest a minimum of 80 drum revolutions.

Do not attempt to render in hot, direct sunshine. The mix will dry out rather than cure, and it will spoil. Do not apply in frosty conditions.

This product should be applied only to surfaces that are sound and stable.

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