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Aqua One

Aqua One Vac-A-Tank Gravel Cleaner

Aqua One Vac-A-Tank Gravel Cleaner

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The Aqua One Vac-A-Tank gravel cleaner makes aquarium maintenance easy for you, and great for your fish!

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleans your gravel of waste.
  • Use as an aid to your essential water changes.
  • Low flow for aquariums and all gravel sizes.

How to use:

Make sure you have all the necessary cleaning aids before you start the siphon. We recommend a bucket and a towel in case of spillage.

Place your Vac-A-Tank 10cm above the level of the gravel, and lower the clear tube into the bucket. As you lower the hose into the bucket, get ready to start the siphon.

Move your Vac-A-Tank up and down rapidly to create the siphon. You may need to move it five or six times to start the water flow.

Concentrate on small sections of gravel at a time by pushing the vacuum out of the gravel. You will see some gravel travel up the main body of the cleaner. Do not worry, this gravel will fall back into your aquarium as the debris is separated.


Remove only up to 25% - 30% of the aquarium water when cleaning your tank, and keep a regular cleaning regimen.


Once the flow starts, remember all you need to do to stop the flow is put your thumb over the end of the hose in the bucket.

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