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Aqua One

Aqua One AquaShine

Aqua One AquaShine

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š€šŖš®šš šŽš§šž AquaShine is a polymer-based flocculant that binds fine particles in aquarium water so that they can be more readily removed by mechanical filtration and gravel siphoning.

These fine particles of water will become clearer and odours will be reduced. The 150ml and 300ml sizes provide flexibility for different tank capacities. Add one capful (10ml) per 100L of aquarium water. Water will go cloudy for 24 - 48 hours after treatment. This is normal and indicates the product is working.

Clean mechanical filtration (e.g. Sponges and Filter Wool) 2 - 3 days after treatment. Suitable for Coldwater, Tropical and Marine.

š€šƒš•š€šš‚š„šƒ š–š€š“š„š‘ š‚š‹š€š‘šˆš“š˜: AquaShine is available in 150ml and 300ml sizes and is made with advanced materials designed to provide crystal-clear water in your aquarium. This powerful water treatment effectively eliminates impurities.

šŽšƒšŽš‘-š„š‹šˆšŒšˆšš€š“šˆšš†: This water treatment not only focuses on water clarity, but also neutralizes and reduces unwanted smells in your aquarium creating a fresh atmosphere for your aquatic companions.

š€šš”š€š‘šˆš”šŒ š‚š€š‘š„: This water treatment creates a healthier environment so your fish can thrive in a clean and comfortable habitat.


  • Suitable for Coldwater, Tropical and Marine
  • AquaShine is available in 150ml and 300ml sizes
  • Made with advanced materials designed
  • Suitable for different aquarium sizes
  • Creates a healthier environment in which your fish can thrive
  • AquaShine maintains water clarity and eliminates odors
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