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Superfish Pond Alarm

Superfish Pond Alarm

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The Superfish Pond Alarm is the perfect protection for your fish and children. It can be used as protection against herons, cats, and burglars.

It warns you when anything approaches the pond with its strong sound signal, and at the same time scares off uninvited guests.

The acoustic signal switches off automatically after 20 seconds.

The Superfish Pond Alarm can be easily installed around a pond with a maximum circumference of 60 meters.

With the optionally available set of 4 additional stands, you can protect up to 100 meters in circumference. The Pond Alarm is splash-proof and works for around 14 months with each change of batteries.

Contents: 6 stands, one of which has an alarm sensor and 100m of nylon wire.

Requires x2 AA Batteries.
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