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Nishikoi Multi Sticks

Nishikoi Multi Sticks

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Nishikoi Multi Sticks are an ideal all round diet for all pond fish and Koi, containing the right levels of protein for healthy growth. The protein is highly digestible which allows your fish to utilise it more efficiently, helping to keep waste to a minimum and your pond water cleaner.

A highly digestible food with a wide blend of ingredients, this type of food is ideal for those who have a variety of breeds in their pond or who wish to give their fish a widely balanced diet. Formulation includes spirulina, astaxanthin and canthaxanthin for colour and Stabilised Vitamin C for health contains 28% protein for growth.

Foil sealed for freshness.

The high performance colour enhancing formula also ensures your pond fish and Koi will show off their true colours to the full. The high stabilised Vitamin C content helps to maintain fish health, preserving their vigour and vitality.

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