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Colombo Lernex

Colombo Lernex

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This product has recently gone out of date but is still viable.
(October 2022)

š—–š—¼š—¹š—¼š—ŗš—Æš—¼ š—Ÿš—²š—暝—»š—²š˜… Anti-Fluke Treatment - Protect your precious koi and maintain a healthy garden pond. This powerful solution eliminates flukes, parasites, and infections, ensuring optimal fish health. Available in 200g & 400g sizes, it's perfect for ponds of various dimensions. Choose Lernex for effective, lasting protection, and let your fish thrive in a clean, parasite-free environment. Your pond's wellbeing starts with Colombo Lernex.
š—˜š—™š—™š—˜š—–š—§š—œš—©š—˜ š—™š—Ÿš—Øš—žš—˜ š—§š—„š—˜š—”š—§š— š—˜š—”š—§: Colombo Lernex eliminates gill and body flukes, common parasites in koi and garden ponds, ensuring the health of your fish. The powerful formula targets these invaders, providing lasting protection for your aquatic life.
š—˜š—”š—¦š—¬-š—§š—¢-š—Øš—¦š—˜ š—™š—¢š—„š— š—Øš—Ÿš—”: The convenient powder formula makes it easy to apply to your pond, without the need for special equipment. Simply mix with water and pour evenly around the pond, allowing Lernex to work its magic in treating and preventing fluke infestations.
š—¦š—”š—™š—˜ š—™š—¢š—„ š—£š—¢š—”š—— š—Ÿš—œš—™š—˜: Colombo Lernex is safe to use in ponds with fish, plants, and other aquatic life. The treatment is designed to target flukes and parasites, without harming the beneficial bacteria and microorganisms that contribute to a healthy pond ecosystem.
  • Powerful anti-fluke treatment
  • Protects koi & garden ponds
  • Eliminates parasites & infections
  • Two size options: 200g & 400g
  • Easy-to-use powder formula
  • Safe for fish & aquatic life
  • Maintains healthy ecosystem
  • Targets gill & body flukes
  • Quick-acting, long-lasting
  • Trusted Colombo quality
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