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Colombo Pond Kh Plus

Colombo Pond Kh Plus

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Protect your fish and plants by managing the carbonate hardness of the water with Colombo KH+ 1000 ml.

Colombo KH+ is a remineralising powder that increases the carbonate hardness (KH) of the water, an essential factor for maintaining a safe, stable pH level. Colombo KH is suitable to use on your pond water, and it has a quick effect. And since it comes in powder, it’s easier to dose appropriately, and it’s an economical alternative for a stock solution to help keep the KH value at the desired level.

A correct carbonate hardness of the water is an essential condition to clean, crystal clear water, healthy fish and plants, and a stable acidity level (pH). KH measures the total levels of dissolved carbonates in your water. If the KH levels are low, say close to zero, the pH levels can quickly change, which is quite harmful to your pond environment and life underwater. 

That’s why you need to test your pond water and ensure that it presents a KH level higher than five. If, unfortunately, that doesn’t happen Colombo KH+ is here to save your fish and plants’ lives and guarantee that they live in a healthy environment.

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