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Cloverleaf Absolute Koi Treats with Garlic

Cloverleaf Absolute Koi Treats with Garlic

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Absolute Koi Treats with Garlic have been blended to our Cloverleaf Absolute unique recipe. This blend is scientifically proven to offer a nutrient-rich mix, comparable with the fish’s natural feeding behaviour when in the wild.

The advantage of feeding a prepared Insect based diet such as Absolute Koi Treats is that the food is comparable to a live food treat, but without any of the risks of introducing any parasites or bacteria that they could contain that could result in infecting your fish.

Pellet Size: 6 - 8mm

- Rich in Astaxanthin to enhance the colour of your koi.
- Absolute 45% High Protein Floating Insect Koi Treat
- Specifically developed for feeding Surface feeding species
- Available in 850g pouches
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