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Colombo Alparex

Colombo Alparex

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This product has recently gone out of date but is still viable.

š—–š—¼š—¹š—¼š—ŗš—Æš—¼ š—”š—¹š—½š—®š—暝—²š˜… Anti-Parasite Pond Treatment effectively eliminates parasites, ensuring a healthy environment for goldfish and koi in garden ponds. It is effective against invisible parasites, which cause grey skin disease, such as Ichtyobodo, Chilodinella, Costia and Trichodina. The presence of these parasites can only be determined with a microscope. Symptoms of an infection with these parasites include listlessness, chafing and reduced appetite.
š—›š—˜š—”š—Ÿš—§š—›š—¬ š—˜š—”š—©š—œš—„š—¢š—”š— š—˜š—”š—§:Versatile Colombo Alparex Anti-Parasite treatment available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1L bottles; designed to combat various parasites in garden ponds, ensuring a healthy environment for goldfish, koi, and other aquatic life.
š—£š—¢š—”š—— š—¦š—”š—™š—˜š—§š—¬: Colombo Alparex Anti Parasite Treatment is Effectively targets common parasites like white spot, Costia, Chilodonella, Trichodina, and skin flukes, providing relief for your beloved fish; the powerful yet safe formula ensures a speedy recovery without harming pond plants.
š—˜š—”š—¦š—¬ š—§š—¢ š—Øš—¦š—˜: Colombo Alparex Anti Parasite Treatment Easy-to-use solution with clear dosing instructions, allowing even novice pond keepers to provide efficient parasite treatment for their aquatic pets; invest in your garden pond's health and enjoy vibrant, thriving fish populations.
  • Eliminates a wide range of parasites to maintain a clean and healthy pond
  • Specially formulated for garden ponds with goldfish and koi
  • Simple dosing instructions ensure quick and efficient treatment
  • Prevents disease spread, safeguarding the health of all pond life
  • Non-toxic formula ensures safety for both fish and aquatic plants
  • Provides long-lasting protection against future parasite outbreaks
  • Suitable for use in various pond sizes, thanks to multiple bottle options
  • High-quality ingredients ensure the utmost care for your fish and pond
  • Fast-acting solution targets parasites, delivering rapid results
  • Trusted by pond enthusiasts and professionals for effective parasite control
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